Simple Meditation Practice Using “I Am” Mantra

Photo Credit: PIRO4D – via Pixabay

This is a simple meditation you can practice using “I Am” affirmation.  It involves no intense visualization, no chanting or singing of Sanskrit words, and above all, no need to hibernate in the Himalayan cave.  Yes, you can do this meditation anywhere and anytime.  You don’t even have to call it meditation.  Probably, “mindfulness” would suffice if you need to label it.  Or better yet, Self-Awareness. . . . . READ MORE >>>

The Power of Thanks

Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann – via Pixabay

There are many words that are imbued with power.  These words, whether written or uttered, could affect lives for good or for ill.  But there is a word that seems innocent and weak, yet it wielded an inner strength unknown to most of us.  When you fully understand its hidden wisdom, you have a philosopher’s stone equaled to nothing but the power itself.  The word is, as simple as it is — Thanks! . . . . READ MORE >>>