Belief System Defines Your Life

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Your belief system defines your life and your views towards life.

Take this question: What is the meaning of Life?

This question has been lingering with us since the conception of time.  It is not because we haven’t come up with meanings.  In fact, we have gazillion.  But rather, we haven’t come up with one ideal or universal meaning of life.  The reason?  We have been defining life based on our Belief System, which resulted to myriad meanings of Life.

The following are some of the meanings you can hear most often.  Why not pick one you think as the meaning of life, or at least close to your personal views.

1) Life is abundant and success.
2) Life is hard, suffering and endurance.
3) Life is simple and practical.
4) Life is love, compassion and helping others.
5) Life is all about me, my family and relatives.
6) Life is what it is, literally.  No spirituality or divinity at all.
7) Life is God.

Okay, so you picked one.  Do you know why you picked that particular meaning?  Well, it is obvious that you cannot pick something you don’t know and believe in.  So whatever it is, it has been deeply seated right in your Belief System.  You cannot deny it, for you have been creating your every action, word, thought and feeling not randomly, but precisely out of your belief system.  Your belief system dictates your lifestyle, personality and character.   It represents who you are.  And so is your meaning of life.

If you picked “Life is God” you are most likely a religious person, or more inclined to believe that God is what life is all about.  While if you are an atheist, you probably picked number 6.  To those people with unbelievable burdens, surmounted with problems of all sorts, they would certainly agree that “Life is hard.”  But if you are enjoying the exposé of your lifestyle by Forbes Magazine, then you absolutely picked number 1.

Belief System

Belief system is a repository of your beliefs in life.  Any idea or concept you have come across from your childhood to adulthood and accepted its reality has evolved into belief.  You can rest assured that you have tons of beliefs, from very insignificant ones to major beliefs in life.  As your beliefs accumulate, they would coalesce as one system of beliefs or Belief System.

In your Belief System there is one that leads all the beliefs.   As the leader, it wields the power to accept or reject any incoming belief or idea.  Anything against what it stands for will be rejected at once.   Whereas the ones akin with the leader will be welcome wholeheartedly.  The more kindred beliefs have been amassed, the more the leader gets stronger.  The next thing you know, you are under its command.

So imagine if the leader of your Belief System is Scarcity.  I’m afraid, all manners of thriftiness, fear of loss and impoverished mind will be apparent in your personality.  You will have a poor consciousness, whether you have huge wealth or not.  You can’t help it.  You will be constantly creating a prophetic vision of Scarcity.  And all your actions, words, thoughts and emotions are geared to fulfilling your own prophesy.

Since your Belief System could make or break your life, it is really a must to know its leader.  Though not that simple, for it is like a perfume you have worn for quite a while—You can’t smell it.  Yup, not a chance, unless you heed the injunction: Know thyself.   By self-examination, you would eventually know who’s lurking in your head.

But the question is, can you change the leader or the Belief System as a whole?

Yes, you can!  But it takes a will power, open-mindedness and wisdom.

You need to have a conscious willingness to change your belief system.   Then you have to be an open-minded to understand, grasp and absorb the wisdom from wherever you can find.  You can learn from books, mentors, friends, or from anyone.  I can assure you, when you take the first step, Life will lead you the way to your next step.  Just make sure you start from the idea that you know nothing, temporarily putting your current belief system on hold.  This way your learning process will be more effective and fruitful.  And as the time goes by, your belief system will reshape itself according to what you have freshly learned in life.

Bear in mind, Belief System is not made in stone.  You can always change its leader or the whole belief system itself.  Actually, it is not real.  It is merely a bubble of thoughts that could be popped at your will.  What is real is You.

So it’s time for you to take the throne and lead your Belief System as your unique lens to see the world you live in.

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