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Nelson KamdonHello there!

Thank you for visiting and reading my blogs.

My name is Nelson Kamdon. I have a bachelor’s degree in Civil Eng… Okay… forget it…

Since at very young age, around 10 year-old, I’ve been fascinated with this thing we call LIFE. My curiosity began when our parents bought a huge colorful book about world religions with photos of diverse people. It was a huge revelation to me. Through this book, I had been acquainted not only with Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha, Shiva, Confucius, Moses, etc., but to variety of human races and traditions.

As I grew up, the book had become my lens in viewing the myriad and colorful expressions of life. It greatly influenced my openness to all spectrum of beliefs and understanding on spirituality. I had become a student of several faith traditions from East to West, thereby strengthening my devotion to God. I even left our home when I was 25 for a mountain I had never been before. Equipped with few clothes, a gallon of water and lots of spiritual books, I vowed to stay in the wild until I attained self-mastery.

To make the story short… After a week, an inner voice had interrupted my deep meditation and urged me to go back and face the world. Basically, the message was “The world is a school. Don’t shun it; learn from it.” The inner voice was very persuasive and persistent, it never stopped. It went on and on for hours but I never listened. Since I couldn’t concentrate on my meditation, I decided to read a book. To my astonishment, when I opened the book, my eyes landed right on sentences akin to the message. So the next morning I headed back home. And from that day on, the world has been teaching me about life.

Over the years, I had learned so much that I stopped searching for the truth. I thought I had gotten it already until one night, back in late 2007, when the inner voice came back while I was meditating. It shot an arrow of wisdom fatally piercing my understanding about God and Life. In that very moment, everything had changed.

So now, I am devoted to nothing but to the God within… as my true Self.

Nah… scratch that last sentence. I am simply I am.