Spontaneity of Life

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duckHave you said something that made someone angry?  Or have you done something stupid that put your life in peril?  Don’t worry, we all do and we can blame it to spontaneity of life.

Life, as most of us know it, is a series of events attributed to either destiny or freewill, depending on one’s perspective. However, what about if it is neither?  What if Life is, in reality, a series of spontaneous events, with or without our conscious effort?  In other words, life simply happens as it is.

Take for instance a series of events that take place right after you wake up in the morning.  Upon opening your fresh  eyes to the gleaming light of the day, what do you normally do?   At that instant, do you plan or think what will you do next?  I guess not.  You would simply get up, stretch your arms, go to bathroom, then change your clothes, make coffee, etc.  Not to mention the endless minor movements of your feet and hands, or your body as a whole.  These events could be anything from myriad of possibilities.

The amazing part is, this series of events could manifest without you having to interfere.  Your body mechanism, as well as your environment,  gracefully and intelligently execute all these events spontaneously, moment by moment.

You don’t believe, eh?

Okay, why don’t you observe yourself right now.  Yes, right now at this very moment while reading this blog.  See what will you do in the next moment.  Watch your hands and feet.  To make it more exciting, watch your thoughts and emotions, too.  This is not hard.  Just relax and act normal.  I can assure you, you’ll notice numerous movements.

Bear in mind, in normal circumstance, you don’t freeze even for seconds.  For you are alive and constantly dispersing energy through physical or mental faculties, or both at the same time.  Or else you would cease to exist.

Well, let me help you anyways.  While reading this blog, did your hands or feet move?  Perhaps, you noticed, your hand touched your face or hair or the mouse, and a little wiggle of feet here and there.  What about your thought?  Has your thought wandered somewhere or wondered what the heck is this all about?  I know it did.  Right?

The truth is, I am not interested in whatever you did, and neither should you.   What you ought to realize is that your body does things without your bidding.  Its movement in every moment in time simply happen.  Actually, you can observe this from the point of being detached from your body, as if you are a consciousness observing from a distance.

But, if  “being detached and consciousness” are too mystical for you, then let’s have a different example.  Why don’t we jump to a little complex event that needs meticulous planning—Birthday Party with 20 or more guests.  This one, of course, you can’t just wait for the date to come and let things happen as it is.  You need to put some meaningful thoughts on how you would carry out the party. You will have to consider tons of items—your budget, the food, decoration, guests, utensils, etc.  After the planning stage, you are excited to host the best party of the decade.

However, when the big day comes, spontaneity will be in full circle.  Do you think your plans will be carried out in minute details?  Nope!  The actual series of events will definitely take some indiscriminate turns— left and right, or turn around.  You will have lots and lots of diversions here and there.  Some are good and some are bad.

Oh, I forgot, you’ll have unexpected host of problems.  Perhaps, the food delivery guy won’t show up on time.  The perfect heavenly delicious cake might get messed up by some unruly toddlers.  For sure you’ll forget some items, big and small.  And you’ll be totally stressed out but will never fail to smile.

The good thing is, you’ll probably have one real accomplishment as planned, the main event itself—-the Birthday Party.  But sometimes, occasionally, the whole planning could be in disarray. What can you do?  Life is spontaneous and unpredictable.

This is the same true with all your goals and visions in life.  You may or may not achieve the landmark of success.  But, without doubt, your journey from A to Z is subject to Spontaneity of Life.  So is the life journey of every living creature in the universe.  Yes, including me and the duck gracefully swimming in the pond.

Still not convinced?  Darn!

I know you’ve experienced the spontaneity of life.  But you’re adamant not to admit it.  I know why, too.  You want to be a doer in the vast landscape of Life.  You want to feel the essence of pride and guilt.  You want to enjoy the glory of reward and suffer the pain of punishment.  Above all, you want to exercise your freewill and hope for better destiny.

Hmmm…. That’s too overwhelming for me.  I think I would rather embrace the concept of Spontaneity and let Life has its way, for good or for ill.  This way I have nothing to control… and nothing to worry.


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