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sistine chapel

The Creation Of Adam / Michelangelo , Sistine Chapel, Vatican

I searched my name this morning to find out what information Google has divulged so far about me.  Much to my surprise, I found this old poem I wrote almost a decade ago.  I had to post it here before it will be lost forever in the bottomless pit of Cyberspace.

Here it is…..


God, where are you?
I have learned from ancient wisdom
That you are not far from where I am.

If I could stop and listen,
Then I could hear you whispering
In a still small voice within.

If I could calm myself and guide my breathing,
Then I could sense your peaceful presence
Streaming in and out of my being.

If I could espouse love and go into my heart,
Then I could be with you truly
In your kingdom within me.

If I could return to innocence and see myself,
Then I could behold an identity
Made in the image and likeness of thee.

If I could humble myself and realize our oneness,
Then I could be nothing but your allness
For you are the only one there is.




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