Birthday Party

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Birthday CakeLast weekend, we had a modest birthday party for our eldest prince.  We only invited a few people — close family relatives and friends.  What can we do? Our humble mansion has limited capacity. It is so small that as soon as you’re past the entry threshold, you basically could tell who’s who and what’s what.  And you won’t get lost.

In contrast, a mammoth Family Clan party was simultaneously happening in one of the finest hotels in town attended by most members of the clan.  But because of silent schism within the clan, a few families were left out.  Or perhaps, a few invitations were lost in the mail.

Too bad, we had a problem with our mailing system since the conception of time.  We must have lost our invitation in the mail. Wheww!   Imagine, had we attended the Family Clan party, we could have our prince blown out some candles in one of the corners of the hotel.  His birthday pictures would have been pretty darn good, showcasing the glamour and glitters of upper echelon life.  And his Facebook friends would have been drooling to death.  What a missed opportunity!

As my mind was cruising the hotel’s exquisite settings, I suddenly heard the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.  “What are you doing?!!! Stop staring at the wall!!! Go now and pick up the cake, food, balloons, and blah blah blah!”

My wife’s adrenaline must have been shooting high up the scale curve.  Who wouldn’t, it was 11:00 am and our son’s friends were knocking at the door.

So I grabbed my car key and headed to multiple destinations.  While driving, my mind wandered again.  This time not in the hotel, but rather within the time encapsulated event.  I wondered why the “Family Feud” has been dragged for eons.  Why couldn’t they simply “Forget and Forgive.”  After all,  we are All One Big Family.

Before I could come up with some kind of hypothesis, my first destination was up close.  I parked, paid & picked-up my stuff, and zoomed to the next.  I put in my Jazz CD and went back to mind boggling event.

Then a big Aha!  I knew it —- One group could “Forget” but not “Forgive” and the other one could only “Forgive” but not “Forget.”  [[ Dang, I’m Good! ]]

The time flew so fast. The last thing I remembered, I was sitting down on the couch with my wife anxiously waiting for our guests to arrive.  We talked almost anything under the sun except the “Family Clan” party.  She was upset about it. So I thought I needed to console her up.

Right then and there a scheme popped out  of my head.  I told my wife, “Don’t worry, we’ll have our sweet revenge.  We are going to have a huge party next year in 6-Star Hotel. We won’t invite them. Nope! Never!”

Surprised and elated, my wife asked me, “Really? What occasion?”

For some reason my voice stuttered when I answered her back,  “Ummm… I i i i.. g.. gue… guess… mmm… my… Birthday?!”


Ouch! That hurts!

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