The Power of Thanks

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There are many words that are imbued with power.  These words, whether written or uttered, could affect lives for good or for ill.  But there is a word that seems innocent and weak, yet it wielded an inner strength unknown to most of us.  When you fully understand its hidden wisdom, you have a philosopher’s stone equaled to nothing but the power itself.  The word is, as simple as it is — Thanks!

You normally use Thanks when you received a gift, favor, help or anything, right?  Well, you can actually use it for something great and marvelous.  When correctly applied, “Thanks” could unleash your creative power, defying all odds and impossibilities.  It is the final ingredient of alchemy, transforming your desires out of mental matrix to tangible manifestation.  In other words, “Thanks” finalizes the release of your desires into your hands, literally.  And it doesn’t matter to whom you give Thanks to — God, Life, Universe, or whatever.

How it works?

The Simple Formula

Here is the simple formula: Create, then believe, and finally, give Thanks

For instance, you desired a job.  The first thing to do is to create your desire, a job, into your head.  Then coalesce it with your positive mind, believing you’ll get your desire in the near future.  Finally, you seal your conviction with Thanks acknowledging you already have the job.  The next thing you know, viola!  You have a job!

Easy, right?  Okay, not really.

Remember, this is the key:  You’ve got to believe 101% and give Thanks, acknowledging you have received your desired idea, right here and right now, even before it manifested physically.

Now if you can’t do this, you have a doubt eroding your conviction.  And you need to get rid of this doubt before you can have a significant progress.  The good thing is you don’t have to scramble for its antidote.  Thanks is perfectly enough. You just have to practice giving Thanks.  Every time you need something give Thanks right away even before you have it.  Give Thanks again and again and again, unceasingly.  Do not stop until you hit your self-satisfaction, where you can comfortably acknowledge you already have what you desired.  You really have to grasp that feeling of assurance.  This feeling has to be exactly the same feeling when you actually received something and gave thanks.  Or else, you will absolutely fail.

The best way to practice this formula, and at the same time getting rid of your doubt, is through prayer.  Especially if you are a believer of this promise, “Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

Believe me, I had done this many times (but not anymore these days).  When I needed something, I used to pray and make sure to give thanks believing I already got it.  Though my attempts were not all fruitful, the success rate was pretty amazing.  It really worked.

I suggest use this formula when you are in dire situation with no choice but to pray, believe and give thanks.  I had been in this situation many times but let me share the one happened in Saudi Arabia where I worked for one year.

My little story

One sunny day in Saudi Arabia, I was driving on a highway right in the middle of the desert.  After awhile I got terribly sleepy.  So I decided to pull over under the over pass to take a nap.  To my astonishment, the ground was a very loose sand.  The next thing I knew, my car got stuck and could not move an inch.  Back then, year 1995, mobile phones in Saudi Arabia were not for everyone.  So basically, I was doomed.

The only recourse I had was to pray to God.  Then as I normally do after praying, I gave Thanks knowing and accepting help was on its way.

Lo and be hold!  After a few minutes, a 10-wheeler truck stopped by and the driver inquired of my predicament.  I had no idea how he knew I was dying for help.  I never stood by the highway and waved for SOS.

But to my dismay, the man would only help me if we engage in sexual activity afterwards.  What can I do?  He won’t accept my only 10 riyals (about $3).  So, reluctantly, I agreed.  I had no choice.

While he was setting up the pulleys and cables.  I was wondering, why God sent me a sexual predator?  Was this a joke?  A test or what?  So again, I prayed.  This time I prayed to get rid of this predator later.   As usual, I gave Thanks and put forth my utmost trust.  I had to really accept that it’s done deal.  Or else it’s going to be pretty ugly.

I fancied maybe God would change the driver’s mind and just accept my 10 riyals.  Or perhaps, He would give me a chance to zoom out my car and gone with the wind.  Or He would make me invisible.  Who knows.

However God didn’t do any of it.  Instead, He summoned another man, a gentleman with a gun.  Yes, a policeman!

I couldn’t help but smiled and giggled to myself.  Indeed it was a joke from above.

To make the story short, I didn’t zoom out my car to escape nor become invisible.  I simply gave Thanks to the driver and policeman, then handed over my 10 riyals.

Thought are things

Why this formula works?  The explanation is quite long.  But this wisdom from Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, should suffice — Thoughts are things.

Now it’s up to you to prove this simple formula and make it your own.  You can try it basically to anything you need, even just finding a parking space at the mall.  Keep in mind: Practice makes perfect.

When “Thanks” has totally engulfed your being, you will get whatever you need.  This is the power of Thanks.

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